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Memory M-Acres Farm

Making memories, one alpaca at a time


Suri Alpacas & Alpaca Products

We are breeders of quality Suri Alpacas focusing on improving fleece quality while maintaining healthy conformationally correct alpacas with gentle dispositions.

Our breeding stock comes from some of the best bloodlines available in the U.S.A. We offer both show quality and companion/fleece Suri Alpacas.

Visit our Farm Store and check out our unique selection of Alpaca gifts and clothing.

Welcome to Memory M-Acres Farm

Memory M-Acres maintains a small herd of Suri Alpacas. Suris have an elegantly draped slick, shiny fleece that hangs down from its body in long twisted strings, or locks. Suri fiber is prized for its unique luster and superb soft, slick hand. It is used primarily for producing fine textiles and elegant knitwear requiring a soft, flowing, and drapey appearance.

Alpacas come in many different natural colors and Memory M-Acres herd consists of several of them, whites, fawns, browns, gray/appaloosa and bay blacks for example. Please take a look at our suri alpacas and enjoy learning more about our farm. In addition to our alpacas and alpaca products, we have suri llamas for sale and also Jersey fresh honey. We welcome your inquiries and questions!